Durban Relief Mission

2022 has not been the easiest year and certainly not for Durban residents as they were hit with extreme floods this April and May, with many people having lost their loved ones and all their possessions as houses collapsed and whole areas were flooded.

Stewarts & Lloyds has a branch in Durban and when we heard the devastating impact that these floods have caused, we had to get together and do something as a team! We are a big family that works together and supports each other through thick and thin. Thus, this year, when the floods destroyed so much, all the Stewarts & Lloyds employees put together monetary and other donations and sent it all to our branch.

These efforts helped in some small way and have been distributed to those that have been affected by the floods. We have had staff who lost everything, who really needed a hand and some assistance. Stewarts & Lloyds as a company matched all the employees’ donations and the whole amount was sent through to the Durban branch to distribute among their employees.

The donations came in from far and wide as all our branches pitched in, so much so that we were able to help the community of Durban and give out clothing and other necessities to those that needed it most.

Thank you to all of Stewarts & Lloyds!