Tech essential in agriculture sector

Water remains the key element in irrigation and agriculture, but rudimentary technologies, pollution and an ever-growing need for water across different sectors are a few of the current challenges facing South Africa, says fluid handling and steel products supplier Stewarts and Lloyds irrigation sales manager Gareth Manson.

Various technologies are available for implementation in the agriculture sector to assist with irrigation and Stewarts and Lloyds aims to supply its customers with the best solutions in this regard.

For example, using WiFi technology and centralised systems will enable farmers to monitor water use in real time, he adds.

Measuring the water coming out of the emitters, sprays or pivot nozzles, as well as the effects of the water on the soil, allows for adjusting of the water use for different crops to reduce overwatering and/or eliminate underwatering.

“This technology enables us to see what that water is doing in the soil and how it is affecting the crops on a real-time basis using soil-moisture sensors. All the technology automatically feeds back to a centralised monitoring system, allowing the most effective use of the precious water and eliminating waste. This, in turn, gives us the best crop yield for the least amount of water being used,” explains Manson.

Stewarts and Lloyds’ innovative solutions aim to tackle irrigation issues and ensure that products for the agriculture sector that use this technology are readily available for clients.

“With a vision of looking to the future to preserve our greatest asset – water – we are striving to bring all the factors that make a strong team together. Our mantra of “do more with less” will be implemented in all our water projects,” he adds. 

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